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How to Side spike African American hair

This video shows you to spike your hair. Many people cannot do this because you need to layer your hair and thin it out. Before you thin your hair dry it for best results. You also need to straighten your hair. You should use Rain as your hair spray. This is very effective in giving an Asian anime style. Put your finger in the wax and take out the wax. Rub it on to your palm and then just rub all your hair with it. Spike the hair at the back. Take the hair an the sides and the front to twist
fake ray bans and spike it. When you are done spray it. This finishes.

In this video clip series, our expert will demonstrate and explain, step by step, a variety of tips and techniques for home care
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This video will instruct you step by step on how to style side hair spikes. Starting with a straightening iron you ensure all hair is as straight as possible. Once done you would apply hair spray where you
replica ray bans want the spikes to be. Then you run your fingers up through your hair to get your hair to spike. Continue running your finger up through hair until the hairspray begins to dry and the spikes stay. Apply more hairspray as needed to make sure they stay. Very quick and easy to follow way to create the look of hair side spikes in a very short amount of time.

In this tutorial, we learn how to style your hair into side spikes. First, you will brush the back of the top of your hair up into the air and then put it into a rubber band. After this, repeat for two more pieces until they are in a line ready for spikes. Then, grab the first section and remove the band from it. Then, spray hair spray in it and tease it until it standing straight up in the air. Hold it up while you are spraying it
cheap ray bans so it keeps shape. Repeat this for the other spikes. When finished, brush down slightly and then shape the bangs around it to finish!.Articles Connexes:

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Fish And Wildlife Education

Dive into a sea of opportunity

If you looking for a fun and exciting career involving wildlife, fisheries and natural resources,
fake ray bans the Fish and Wildlife Technology program may be right for you. Our intensive, one year post diploma/degree certificate of specialization, developed during nearly four decades of experience, will complement your degree or diploma in Renewable Resource Management or Environmental Science, allowing you to focus on gaining real word experience. You enter an exciting environment where you learn the secrets to unlocking the world of fisheries, and wildlife technology. By the time you finished here, you be competent in fish and wildlife field techniques and habitat assessment. Let us help you track down the career you always dreamed of.

Our invaluable, hands on experience
cheap ray bans will help you become an expert in habitat measurement, assessment and monitoring. You get hands on experience at our Aquaculture Centre of Excellence right on campus. You also sharpen your skills by researching and collecting wildlife, fisheries and habitat field data to confidently present scientific reports. And, by the end of all this, you be equipped with the
discount ray bans skills and knowledge you need to join real projects run by a host of government and private organizations. The whole world needs a trained professional like you. Which route
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NTSB Wants Ban on All Cell Phone Use in Cars

States should ban all driver use of cell phones and other portable electronic devices, except in emergencies, the National Transportation Board said Tuesday.

The recommendation, unanimously agreed to by the five member board, applies to both hands free and hand held phones and significantly exceeds any existing state laws restricting texting and cellphone use behind the wheel.

Kelly Phillips was one of two Minnetonka High School students killed in 2007 during the first week of her senior year. Since then, her death has had a ripple effect on drivers in the area.

"I would say there is a whole community here in Minnetonka that is not texting and driving or talking and driving in her memory," said Jane Phillips.

Currently, there are 35 states including Minnesota with laws banning texting while driving, and nine states have taken it a step further by prohibiting hand held cell phones but the NTSB says it believes drivers who are distracted by electronic devices are a danger behind the wheel. The board made the recommendation following a deadly highway pileup in Missouri last year. The board said the initial collision in the accident near Gray Summit, Mo., was caused by the inattention of a 19 year old driver inside a pickup truck who either sent or received 11 texts in the 11 minutes immediately before the crash.

The pickup, traveling at 55 mph,
replica ray ban sunglasses collided into the back of a tractor truck that had slowed for highway construction. The pickup was rear ended by a school bus that overrode the smaller vehicle. A second school bus rammed into the back of the first bus.

The pickup driver and a 15 year old student on one of the school buses were killed, and 38
replica ray bans other people were injured in the Aug. 5, 2010, crash near Gray Summit, Mo.

About 50 students, mostly members of a high school band from St. James, Mo., were on the buses heading to the Six Flags St. Louis amusement park.

The accident is a "big red flag for all drivers," NTSB chairman Deborah Hersman said at a meeting to determine the cause of the accident and make safety recommendations.

It not possible to know from cell phone records if the driver was typing, reaching for the phone or reading a text at the time of the crash, but it clear he was manually, cognitively and visually distracted, she said.

"Driving was not his only priority," Hersman said. "No call, no text, no update is worth a human life."

Poll: 59 Percent Talk and Drive

Does It Matter? Despite Bans, Drivers Keep Texting

Study: Texting Drivers 11X More Likely to Miss Signal

The board is expected to recommend new restrictions on driver use of electronic devices behind the wheel. While the NTSB doesn have the power to impose restrictions, it recommendations carry significant weight with federal regulators and congressional and state lawmakers. Missouri had a law banning drivers under 21 years old from texting while driving at the time of the crash, but wasn aggressively enforcing the ban, board member Robert Sumwalt said.

"Without the enforcement, the laws don mean a whole lot," he said.

Investigators are seeing texting, cell phone calls and other distracting behavior by operators in accidents across all modes of transportation with increasing frequency. It has become routine for investigators to immediately request the preservation of cell phone and texting records when they launch an investigation.

In the last few years the board has investigated a commuter rail accident that killed 25 people in California in which the train engineer was texting; a fatal marine accident in Philadelphia in which a tugboat pilot was talking on his cellphone and using a laptop; and a Northwest Airlines flight that flew more than 100 miles past its destination because both pilots were working on their laptops.

The board has previously recommended bans on texting and cell phone use by commercial truck and bus drivers and beginning drivers, but it has stopped short of calling for a ban on the use of the devices by adults behind the wheel
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The problem of texting while driving is getting worse despite a rush by states to ban the practice, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said last week. In November, Pennsylvania became the 35th state to forbid texting while driving.

About two out of 10 American drivers overall and half of drivers between 21 and 24 say they thumbed messages or emailed from the driver seat, according to a survey of more than 6,000 drivers by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

And what more, many drivers don think it dangerous when they do it only when others do, the survey found.

At any given moment last year on America streets and highways, nearly 1 in every 100 car drivers was texting, emailing, surfing the Web or otherwise using a handheld electronic device, the safety administration said. And those activities spiked 50 percent over the previous year.

The agency takes an annual snapshot of drivers behavior behind the wheel by staking out intersections to count people using cellphones and other devices, as well as other distracting behavior.

Driver distraction wasn the only significant safety problem uncovered by NTSB investigation of the Missouri accident. Investigators said they believe the pickup driver was suffering from fatigue that may have eroded his judgment at the time of the accident. He had an average of about five and a half hours of sleep a night in the days leading up to the accident and had had fewer than five hours of sleep the night before the accident, they said.

The pickup driver had no history of accidents or traffic violations, investigators said.

Investigators also found significant problems with
fake ray bans the brakes of both school buses involved in the accident. A third school bus sent to a hospital after the accident to pick up students crashed in the hospital parking lot when that bus brakes failed.

However, the brake problems didn cause or contribute to the severity of the accident, investigators said.Articles Connexes:

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Female officer killed at Monroe corrections facility

MONROE, Wash. A female corrections
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet officer was strangled to death Saturday night at the Monroe Correctional Complex,
fake Michael Kors and an inmate serving a life term for rape is the key suspect, officials said.

The attack, apparently carried out during an abortive escape attempt by the 53 year old male inmate, took place as the corrections officer was alone and unarmed in the chapel of the facility, officials said.

The slain officer was identified as Jayme Biendl, 34, of Granite Falls. She had been with the Department of Corrections since 2002 and had expressed concerns earlier about being the only guard in the chapel. She was Monroe’s Officer of the Year in 2008.

Her alleged attacker was identified as Byron E. Scherf, a repeat sex offender who was convicted in 1993 for kidnapping and raping a Pierce County woman at knifepoint, then setting her on fire with gasoline. He also was convicted of rape and assault in two other cases.

A spokeswoman for the Monroe Police Department said it was initially reported that Biendl was stabbed to death, but later reported that
cheap Michael Kors handbags outlet it appears she was strangled. The Snohomish County medical examiner will make the final determination of the cause of death.

Biendl was fully clothed when found, and there is no evidence of sexual assault.

A Department of Corrections spokesman said the killing was discovered Saturday night after an inmate was reported missing during a routine count of offenders in the prison.

An hour later staff members completed an inventory of equipment and discovered that a correctional officer’s keys and radio were missing, Lewis said.

Staff members immediately went to the chapel area and found Biendl lying there unresponsive. The staff conducted CPR and called 911.

Monroe Correctional Complex is now on lockdown as local law enforcement continue to investigate.

Scherf, a three strikes offender, is serving a life sentence at Monroe and was being housed in a medium security unit at the Monroe complex. He has now been isolated in a segregation unit, Lewis said.

This is the first time a guard has been killed at the 100 year old Monroe facility, Lewis said.

Prison officials said Scherf, who has had a clean record at Monroe since a suicide attempt in 2001, had been serving as a volunteer worker in the chapel.

Biendl led religious programs there, Lewis said. She was alone at the chapel Saturday night and was not carrying a weapon, as is typical for many corrections officers, he added.

A union spokesman said Biendl had complained several times to her supervisor about feeling unsafe working alone with no backup in the chapel, and was awaiting a reassignment to another section of the
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"This is what we’ve all feared would
cheap Michael Kors happen, and now it has," said Tracey A. Thompson, secretary
replica Michael Kors handbags treasurer of Teamsters Local 117, which represents guards at the prison.

Thompson said guards have been forced to work solo more often
Michael Kors handbags outlet as budget cuts have reduced the size of the staff at the prison facility.

"We are all shocked, saddened, and angered by this terrible tragedy," Thompson said.

Monroe corrections officers picketed in November outside the facility to draw public attention to effects of the staff cuts, saying they could jeopardize public safety.

Court records show that Scherf was first convicted of second degree assault in 1978 and sentenced to 10 years in prison, but was paroled two years later.

While on parole Scherf kidnapped a young waitress and brought her to an abandoned house where he bound and raped her. He then poured gasoline over the waitress, lit it, and left. The waitress survived by wriggling, still bound, through a second story window.

Scherf was convicted of the rape and sentenced to life in prison, but was paroled again on Dec. 30, 1993.

During his second parole, he lured a female real estate agent to a remote home by posing as a potential buyer, then kidnapped and raped her. He again was convicted and sentenced to life in prison, and is now serving
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The victim in that attack later sued the state, alleging that Scherf should never have been released on parole and was inadequately supervised after he was paroled. She lost the case after appealing all the way to the state Supreme Court.

Gov. Chris Gregoire issued a statement offering condolences to the family and friends of Officer Biendl.

"I am truly saddened by her senseless murder," Gregoire said. "This young woman was devoted to an agency that works around the clock to ensure our communities are safe, which makes her death all the more tragic."

Gregoire also said she has asked Department of Corrections Secretary Eldon Vail to conduct a thorough review of the killing, as well as a look at the safeguards in place at the Monroe Correctional Complex.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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CPU Central Processing Unit

CPU (Central Processing Unit) otherwise known as a processor is an electronic circuit that can execute computer programs. Both the miniaturization and standardization of CPUs have increased their presence far beyond the limited application of dedicated computing machines. Modern microprocessors appear in everything from automobiles to mobile phones.

The clock rate is
Michael Kors handbag outlet one of the main characteristics of the
Michael Kors handbags outlet CPU when performance is concerned. Clock rate is the fundamental rate in cycles per second (measured in hertz, kilohertz, megahertz or gigahertz) for the frequency of the clock in any synchronous circuit. A single clock cycle (typically shorter than a nanosecond in modern non embedded microprocessors) toggles between a logical zero and a logical one state.

With any particular CPU, replacing the crystal with another crystal that oscillates with twice the frequency will generally make the CPU run with twice the performance. It will
replica Michael Kors outlet also make the CPU produce roughly twice the amount of waste heat.

Engineers are working hard to push the boundaries of the current architectures and are constantly searching for new ways to design CPUs that tick a little quicker or use slightly less energy per clock. This produces new cooler CPUs that can run at higher clock rates.

Scientists also continue to search for new designs that allow CPUs to run at the same or at a lower clock rate as older CPUs, but which get more instructions completed per clock cycle.

The clock rate of a processor is only useful for providing comparisons between computer chips in the same processor family and generation.

Clock rates can be very misleading since the amount of work different computer chips can do in one cycle varies. Clock rates should not be used when comparing different computers or
discount Michael Kors different processor families.
wholesale Michael Kors handbags outlet Rather, some kind of software benchmarks should be used.

Smartphones are equipped with more advanced embedded chipsets that can do many different
cheap michael kors tasks depending on their programming.

The performance of the CPU
Michael Kors outlet that’s at the core of the chipset is vital for the daily user experience and the general computing performance of the smartphone. People tend to use the clock rate of the main CPU to compare the performance of competing end products. But as
Michael kors handbags outlet we already pointed out, the clock rate of a processor is only useful for providing performance comparisons between computer chips in the same processor family and generation. For all other purposes, it’s best to use software benchmarks for determining comparative performance.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Top 7 Tips for Writing Your Post

Michael Kors handbags COPY LETTER, NOT AN E MAIL

Yes, e mail has become a universally accepted vehicle for business correspondence. We love e mail’s obvious advantages does not have to be lengthy, almost no expense other than the composer’s time, reception can be verified, and style and format can remain simple.

However, the abundance of e mails professional people read daily might easily reach one or two hundred. Not only will your e mail risk getting swallowed up in the vast volume of messages, your post interview response
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But a hardy copy letter will stand out prominently. And that, of course, is your number one goal.

Employers give top ranking to action oriented
Michael Kors handbags outlet job seekers. So if you think "Oh, I’ll get a
Cheap Michael Kors handbags letter to them next week," you might as well not send one.

If your job interview happens in the morning, do all you can to get your letter to the post office before closing time. When the interviewer spots your letter on her desk the next day, your ratings will rise.

"But," you wonder, "what if the interviewer doesn’t have time to read my letter that day? After all, he sure looked busy before, during, and after my interview. My guess is he wouldn’t see it until a couple of days later."

That poses no problem. You can bet the interviewer will note your letter’s date. So you will still convey the impression of immediate follow up.


Contemporary managers might have started their careers when more pompous writing styles dominated work place correspondence, but most of them are happy those days have disappeared. You will strike them as obsolete if you resort to grandiose language.

In his stimulating autobiography, The World is My Home, James Michener one of the world’s most widely read novelists said he tried to follow the pattern of Ernest Hemingway who achieved a striking style with short familiar words." Michener added: "Good writing, for most of us, consists of trying to use ordinary words to achieve extraordinary results."

This means we should say "fortunate" rather than "fortuitous," "peaceful" rather than "halcyon," and "serious" instead of "egregious."

While you are correct in limiting your letter to one page to indicate your respect for the reader’s time demands, you are not expected to use every available line on the page as you did when you wrote frantically in those college exam booklets.

For an example, note the format of this article. The paragraphs are short, so as you read you see ample "white space." This makes the article easier to skim quickly for your first reading, and find the main points you want to read thoroughly.

Also, check your favorite newspaper and magazines like People Weekly. Probably that could make a worse impression than not writing at all.

Here’s how to achieve the personalization:

Instead of "I enjoyed meeting with you and your team," write "I enjoyed meeting with you, Evelyn, and Maurice." In place of "at your company" say "in the Richard Williams
replica Michael Kors handbags Conference Room." Rather than "You are a recognized leader in this industry," write "I remain impressed that Forbes Magazine featured you as the second largest software supplier in the United
discount Michael Kors States."

After a successful interview, you feel tempted to emphasize emphatically that the organization will benefit from hiring you. That is appropriate for
Michael Kors handbag outlet your follow up letter. However, stay within the bounds of moderation and modesty.

To illustrate: Your interviewer will welcome, and even expect, your self promoting comments. Even so, you could come across as cocky and brash if you write, "When you hire me as your sales manager, you can get ready for a 50% increase after two quarters, and more than 100% by the end of the fourth quarter." Besides sounding arrogant, those promises could return to jeopardize your credibility later. will be brief. Perfectly acceptable to use a phrase instead of a sentence: "Great restaurant for lunch, fine choice.".Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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Management’s Execution Will Determine Google Glass Success

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) finally released an application for Apple iOS for its Google Glass product. Now personally, I don’t really think of Google Glass as anything but a hobby project that’s not going to generate a whole lot of profitability for Google in the immediate future. However, with Google expanding support for the Google Glass device by making it controlled from the smartphone, there could be more potential to this device than what I had initially imagined.

Google Glass for iOSThe application for Google Glass for Android and iOS is called MyGlass. The application allows a smartphone user to control the Glass using touch inputs rather than simple voice commands. This is a positive development for Google because it seems that the interface for Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) users is in for a significant upgrade.

The main problem with depending on voice commands is that consumers can’t use the device when they enter into loud places. This is because the microphone will not be able to register your voice over others. This is why in the original Google Glass commercial there was never footage of a person hanging out at a loud party, bar, concert and football game.

The Google Glass device was sold for a ridiculous $1,500. Anyone who wanted one had to register for the chance to buy Google Glass. Currently only 8,000 were chosen to buy the Google Glass. As of the moment, Google has not figured out a way to distribute the product, which is why it hasn’t attempted to. It’s working on the product until it gets it right, and for now that makes a lot sense.

(click to enlarge)Based on early reviews it is thought that the interface of MyGlass is better on iOS than Android. The addition of being able to both see and manage the Google Glass on an Apple iPhone and Android device may be one of the last pieces to Google’s quest to making the device commercially viable.

The retail price of the
fake cheap oakleys Google Glass device is expected to be somewhere in the avenue of $300. However others have pointed out it could actually cost more than that.

Mobile baseband technologies have improved enough so that the frequency bands between 4G on CDMA and GSM can be supported. This is why Apple can release one version of its iPad Air. This makes it easy for Google Glass buyers to connect the device to a family plan from Verizon, Sprint, T Mobile or AT Not to mention, Google Glass will also be distributed at the aforementioned companies’ wireless stores. It does many of the things that the Google Glass can do, but the applications that come with it depend heavily on the smartphone device that it’s connected to.

Looking at Luxottica’s non existant R expenditure, one can basically assume that Luxottica is not very serious about this product or competing head to head with Google. This is because after searching for R expenses in the annual report, it wasn’t given a specific line item, which points to the fact that management is not very committed to wearable computing. Luxottica primarily invests into capital expenditure spending as it is more of retail apparel chain. The device wasn’t marketed aggressively enough, and wasn’t a very serous competitor to Google Glass to begin with. No money backing it, and hardly anyone buying it, it’s a
cheap oakleys total flop.

What about a partnership?I think the most practical strategy for Google and Luxottica is a partnership. In fact, I’m fairly certain Google is working out a partnership deal with Luxottica as Luxottica earns revenue from prescription lenses, sun glasses and eye care insurance. It’s
fake cheap oakley sunglasses involved in all parts of the eye care ecosystems and has pretty much saturated every major retail location. Currently its most significant competitor is Wal Mart (NYSE:WMT) with its chain of vision care centers (3,000 locations). However, Google Glass is a premium product, and the distribution of the product can’t go through Wal Mart, because it’s not Google’s primarily demographic. I don’t think anyone goes to Wal Mart buying the most expensive electronics off the shelf. So it wouldn’t make any logical sense for Google to even bother attempting a partnership with Wal Mart.

Currently, Luxottica has more than 7,000 retail locations for glasses across North America, Europe, Asia and Middle East. Luxottica owns and operates in house 16 different retail chains (both prescription and fashion). Luxottica also owns brands in house, which include: Ray Ban, Vogue, Oakley, Persol and Arnette. It also has licensing agreements with major fashion labels like Armani, Gucci, Polo Ralph Lauren (NYSE:RL), Versace, Chanel and etc. To top that off, Luxottica
fake oakleys has 25% market share of the eye care insurance market (through its EyeMed subsidiary, which is partnered with Humana (HUM)) and has the highest
cheap oakleys revenue share in wholesale frames.

This translates into serious economies of scale. This is because while it sells prescription lenses it can also include designer label frames at a significant discount. So when someone leaves the optometrist that’s on sight at some of its store chains, such as Lenscrafters and Pearlvision, Luxottica is able to sell branded frames with the prescribed lenses at a significant discount. This is why there’s hardly any self employed optometrists running their own business. The self employed Joe can’t sell Gucci or Armani frames. Luxottica squeezes its competitors because it can determine where to extract high margin, and when to sell products at a loss in order to kill off competitors. It’s a near monopoly. The only serious competitor is Wal Mart and CostCo (NASDAQ:COST), but those two
cheap fake oakleys companies aren’t trying to target the mid end or high end glasses consumer. It gets the low end of the totem pole, which even that to a limited extent is business that Luxottica is winning with its Sears Optical and Target Optical subsidiaries.

So Google probably has no choice but to work with Luxottica. There’s no information leaked to the media about a potential partnership. But considering the way Google has to sell its product, it’s blatantly obvious how we can deduce that Google will have to partner with Luxottica.

How this may benefit both companiesThe silver lining for Google and Luxottica is that Google can provide the technology and Luxottica can provide the frames, retail locations and even the insurance coverage. That way, Google can market its technologies, and Luxottica can continue to maintain its position as a retail/prescription chain.

While it’s true that Luxottica has significant scale when it comes to glasses, it can’t compete with Google’s in house development of Google Glass. Creating an application ecosystem, managing high volume shipments of a single product, and developing technologies specific to a wearable computing device is well beyond the expertise of Luxottica. It’s uncharted territory for more senior software and hardware engineers. Lens Crafters is located at high end fashion outlets and
replica oakleys malls (the stores are well positioned). population needs one. Not everyone wears contact lenses, nor will they ever want to. This is because contacts are an ongoing expense, plus painful at times to wear, and annoying to put on every morning. So while Google may want consumers to get contact lenses, it’s more likely that Google will need to ensure that consumers can customize both the frame and the lens to their specific need/want.

Forecasts for Google GlassCurrently, BI Intelligence believes that Google Glass can grow from 0.8 million units to 21.1 million units between 2014 and 2018. The annual market opportunity for Google Glass is estimated to be $10.5 billion.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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10 Steps to Small Business Success

Starting a business, given its share of rewards and risks, is a serious endeavor and requires considerable preparation. If you are going to accept the challenge, then you must do everything you can to improve your
replica oakleys chances for success. This process involves the mastery of ten steps.

Each step by itself is merely a tool, but collectively they provide an entrepreneurial blueprint for starting a successful new venture. No matter what your business,
cheap fake oakleys conquering these ten steps will increase your odds for success. However, these steps are not easy nor simple. Each level involves a tremendous amount of effort and a lot of street smarts to work effectively. Similar to playing a video game, you should master each level before moving on to the next one.

New business success requires a combination of knowing what you are doing and capitalizing on a good opportunity. Develop and clearly state your goals in a written plan, which will then serve as your road map. They give you a sense of direction and help you get to your destination, a successful business of your own, with a minimum of time, effort, and expense.

Define a viable market segment for your product or service.

The next step in starting a new venture begins with listening to the marketplace. Define an unmet consumer need first, before you develop a product to satisfy that need. Regardless of how astute you may be in business, if the market isn there to
oakley sunglasses discount support you, then you cannot expect to go very far. However, the majority of entrepreneurs first come up with a product they think is before determining the existence of sufficient demand for the product. You may have the most exciting product in the world, and people might think that it the most interesting thing they seen in a decade, but if you can sell only a handful (to your immediate family and in laws), you are probably doomed to failure. In order to verify that there is a need for your product, you must test
cheap wholesale oakleys the market by conducting a variety of market research.

Develop your marketing plan.

The purpose of the marketing plan is to describe how you will attempt to create and maintain customers for a profit. It needs to state whom you are going to sell to, how you are going to penetrate the market, why you will be successful with your sales campaigns, and finally, how much you will sell annually over the next five years. The marketing plan will ultimately become an integral part of your overall business plan, but it must be completed first.

Write your initial version of the business plan.

Your business plan must reflect the unique environment you will be operating in as well as what you plan to be your competitive advantage. It is an outline of the direction in which you plan to take your company, an analysis of your business strengths and weaknesses, and a skeleton from which your formal business plan will later be developed. It will assist you
cheap oakleys in securing the key people you need, and it will also help you to begin developing your financial projections.

fake cheap oakleys your financing needs.

Once you have developed a rough business plan, you can begin to determine your financing needs, which will be incorporated into your formal business plan. Your marketing analysis leads to sales forecasts, which determine your staffing level, which defines your operating budget, from which you can generate pro formas (financial projections) and determine your projected cash flow.

Form your key teams: founders, management, and directors.

Before developing your formal business plan, you must make sure you have put together a solid management team. If there are any holes in your team at this point, they should be filled. The rough business plan you developed in Level IV should help you to attract top talent to your company. In addition, it will help you to build a strong board of directors or board of advisors.

Finalize your financing needs and create your formal business plan.

Starting with the rough business plan, put together a full fledged formal business plan. A business plan should convincingly demonstrate that your business can sell enough of its product or service to make a satisfactory profit and be attractive to potential backers. This is the document you will use to secure the financing you need to get your business off the ground. It will also serve as an operating manual for your business once it been funded.

Develop a marketing strategy to obtain financing for your company.

I not talking here about the marketing strategy to sell your product or service, but a strategy to sell yourself and your company
fake oakleys cheap to financiers in order to raise the capital that your business needs.

Market your plan successfully, attracting capital on your terms.

Once you developed a strategy for approaching financing sources, you must make use of the negotiating tools that will give you an inside edge on the competition and enable you to attract capital on your terms rather than just on your investors your product/service and manage your business to achieve your goals.

The last step in the process involves the ongoing management and marketing of your business. Getting a company started is only half the battle. Once you in business, you will need strong management tools and marketing skills in order to make sure you stay in business.

Each step, executed in order, builds a solid foundation for the steps that follow. By progressing in this manner, rather than using the typical haphazard approach, you begin to gain the needed experience.Articles Connexes:

Articles Connexes:

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official twitter handle tweets statements

Normally the official Twitter handle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi (PMOIndia) tweets updates about his engagements and highlights from his speeches. But in a surprising break that raised several eyebrows on
fake cheap oakleys social media,
fake oakleys the handle tweeted statements of a private individual on Saturday evening.

Narendra Modi official PMO handle sent out a series of tweets on Nita Ambani statements at the inauguration of the Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital Research Centre in Mumbai. The tweets mentioned the PM Bharat Abhiyaan The bone of contention being that being the official Twitter handle of the Prime Minister of India, the tweets were a bit of a deviation from the existing and expected norm.

Modi association with the Ambani and Adani family has always been under close scrutiny as opposition parties,
oakley sunglasses discount especially the Aam Aadmi Party, had earlier accused him of being hand in glove with business houses.

We are witnessing a new India under your visionary leadership. You have captured imagination of billions across the world: Mrs. Nita Ambani

We are witnessing a new
cheap replica oakleys India under your visionary leadership. You have captured imagination of billions across the world: Mrs. Nita Ambani

We are witnessing a new India under your visionary leadership. You have captured imagination of billions across the world: Mrs. Nita Ambani

Smt. Nita Ambani will speak. Watch. Nita Ambani

Moto of our hospital is "Respect for Life" (Zindagi Ka Samman): Mrs. Nita Ambani

From the PM point of view,
fake cheap oakley sunglasses the justification could be simple: The tweets mentioned the Bharat Abhiyaan that was started with much gusto by Narendra Modi and hence were sent out from the handle. But the counter to this could also be valid. Could the PM social media team not
cheap replica oakleys use only his personal handle instead of an official handle to send out the tweets, considering the amount of controversies related to Modi doling out favours to the Ambanis for their
fake oakleys business prospects?Articles Connexes:

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Noi “jocuri”

CUM VOR SĂ SCAPE PESEDIŞTII DE CĂTUŞE. „PARLAMENT PENAL, MARŞ LA TRIBUNAL!”// PINACOTECA PSD. Analiza colecţiei „Vâlcov” – ora 21.00, „Jocuri de Putere”


Ambasadorul rus la Bucuresti intre rescrierea istoriei si atacul incalificabil la adresa unor jurnalisti – de la ora 23.00

Social-democraţii sfidează o ţară întreagă. Ultimul proiect legislativ al PSD urmăreşte să-i ţină departe de cătuşe pe politicienii acuzaţi de corupţie, ţinându-i „ferecaţi” în arest la domicilii făcute din mită, trafic de influenţă şi furt.

În această seară, de la ora 21.00, Rareş Bogdan şi invitaţii săi îţi arată, la „Jocuri de Putere”, la ce s-au gândit subalternii lui Victor Ponta pentru a consolida statutul privilegiat al demnitarilor. Pentru cine se pregăteşte modificarea Codului de Procedură penală?

BONUS: De la caltabosii lui Remes la Renoir-ul lui Valcov, de la spaga din offshore la spaga din cripta. Valcov, acest Brukenthal de Slatina. “Muzeul colectiilor” din cimitir. Cum sa bagi “Baba” sub pat si pe “Picasso” in dulap – analiza colecţiei de artă a lui Darius Vâlcov

Iar de la ora 23.00 vei descoperi dedesupturile atacului incalificabil al ambasadorului rus la Bucureşti, Oleg Malginov, la adresa lui Vladimir Tismăneanu şi Marius Stan, care au scris despre „ispita fascistă a tovarăşului Putin”.

Vezi şi ce au răspuns cei calificaţi drept „bădărani” şi argumentele lor în favoarea tezei care-l plasează pe Putin în galeria liderilor care pot arunca omenirea în haos

Numai la „Jocuri de Putere”, de la ora 21.00 la 24.00, de la Rareş Bogdan şi invitaţii săi, la Realitatea TV!